New auDA rules, our simplified take on them.

These rules apply to domains registered or renewed after 12 April 2021.

If you LOVE the rules and don't have them yet, we can sync the expiry date to be sooner.
If you LIKE the rules then wait for your normal renewal cycle and be glad when they arrive.
If you HATE the rules then we can sync your expiry date to be before 12 April then renew your domain for 5 years.

Who is going to HATE the new rules?
Overseas companies using Australian Trademarks for eligibility where the trademark is not an exact match of their domain.

Domain Name: jackpotscasino[dot]com[dot]au
Registrant: 0912871 B.C. LTD.
Eligibility Type: Trademark Owner
Eligibility Name: 0912871 B.C. LTD.
Eligibility ID: TM 1430396

Basically this person is from the CANADA and they have a trademark on "0912871 B.C. LTD." but the new rules require an EXACT match so they are ONLY eligible for 0912871bc[dot]com[dot]au NOT jackpotscasino[dot]com[dot]au.


Who is going to LOVE the new rules?
If you want to actively promote your domain as being for sale you can even reach out to potential buyers without fear of the old "sole intent to resell" rule.
If you want to monetise a domain which is an exact match of a persons name or an existing company you should have much more freedom under the new rules.


Who is going to LIKE the new rules?
Pretty much everyone else as they are less restrictive and easier to understand. Plus complaints come to first so we can help to ensure you don't get vexatious complaints.


There is also a final category of people who are going to HATE the rules BUT these rules have always applied in the past however they have not been applied automatically.
1) Cancelled ABN/ACN... if you have been using one you are not going to be allowed to renew the domain or Transfer/Sell the domain. We estimate that 10% of the domains fall into this category and it is REALLY going to hurt some small businesses.
2) People who are bad at paperwork... If a COR is not done in 14 days after a domain is SOLD then there are supposed to be consequences. What happened with would be a disaster of epic proportions under the new rules.

Additionally anyone who thinks that Domain Investment is "just not cricket". They are going to be annoyed when they make a complaint to me and I tell them how the rules have evolved over time. Buying and selling domains has been a legitimate activity in Australia for more than two decades now and if they want a good domain and all the benefits it delivers then they need to pay for that privilege.

In conclusion the changes are good for the majority of domain investors and even .au in general.

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