What Is Domain Drop Catching?

Drop catching is the process of registering a domain name once it expires. Every domain name must be registered before it is used and any domain that does not have its registration renewed is available for public registration when it is expired. This is where drop catching comes into play where an accredited drop catcher (Drop.com.au) can catch all the domain names that expire on a given day. These expired domains will go into our daily domain drop list ready for the daily domain auction where anyone can bid on the domain names they want.

Drop.com.au was one of the 1st drop catching solutions in the Australian domain space. Drop has been utilising proprietary technology and multiple registrar connections to catch domain names for end users and domain investor clients for many years. Drop is the number 1 drop catcher in the Australian market and aims to catch every domain possible for all our customers, however this cannot always be guaranteed.

auDA Governs Drop Catching

The Australian domain market is governed by auDA, who is the policy authority that maintains the .au domain space. auDA describes the process of catching dropped domain names as:

"Some names, particularly if they're a generic word or very short, may have several people interested in registering them. If you think a name might be popular or it is important to you to register it, you can engage a company known as a 'drop catcher'. These companies use software to catch names as soon as they're purged from the registry. Where there are multiple parties interested in a name, you will need to bid against them via the drop catcher to secure the name. It's important to note that using a drop catcher doesn't guarantee you'll acquire a particular name, but it does increase your chances."

Without the necessary knowledge or technology it can be very difficult for anyone in the general public to pick up these dropping domains. Drop can help anyone after a domain name buy dropped domains through our domain auction platform.

How Do The Drop Expired Domain Auctions Work?

The domain name auction is a platform where everyone has a chance to bid on domains that have expired and are set to become available for public registration. If you are looking for Australian domain names for sale, then our domain auction platform is perfect for you. Our job is to catch these domain names for you so you can benefit from some of the amazing domain names available to bid on. Our "No Catch No Pay" policy is in place for all domains which means if we don't catch your domain then you don't pay the winning auction bid. The auction closes at 11:30 AM (AEST and AEDT Melbourne/Sydney) every day. Bidding starts at just $25 and all successful bids also include a 1 year domain registration. For more detailed information about our auction rules, please refer to our expired domain auction guide.

How Can Drop.com.au Help Your Business?

When catching expired domain drops, you would expect most of the names to not be so great. However, you would be surprised at how many high quality recently dropped domains we have on our daily domain auction. The value a good domain name can bring to your business is unrivaled by so many other factors and can bring huge benefits and overall value to your business.

We cannot control which domains expire and drop, but we can help you catch the domains you want for investing, personal use or business use. It is always a good idea to check out the dropped domains list in order to see the newest names dropping every day.

Here are just a few examples of some great domain names that Drop.com.au have caught to date.

  • broker.com.au
  • sleep.com.au
  • cpa.com.au
  • law.com.au
  • hardware.com.au
  • gas.com.au
  • dl.com.au
  • finances.com.au
  • university.com.au
  • appraisal.com.au

Do Good Domain Names Matter?

Domain names are extremely underrated as an important factor for business success. If you are not already an established brand having a domain name relating to your business is vital. For example drop.com.au is a good domain name for our business because it is related to the type of business and is short in length. But a domain name like bestdomaindropcatcheraustralia.com.au is relatable but is way too long to be good for business. Noone will want to have to type that in the search bar or try and find it in a search engine with super specific results if the SEO is bad. We even see business names completely unrelated a lot of the time just because people like the name.

Choosing a domain name can be a daunting task but generally the best domain names are related to your business and are short in character length. A good domain name can help improve your search engine rankings, increase brand visibility, improve brand recall and overall improve your internet presence. There are many other factors that cause a domain name to be labeled as good, but it comes down to what the domain will be used for.

Contact us today or sign up for auction access to begin the process of finding the best domain name for your needs.

Sample domains caught for our clients: