I have a cancelled ABN/ACN how can I fix it?

If we have emailed you to inform you that you have a cancelled ABN then you cannot renew or transfer that domain anymore. 

You might also have a status of "clientHold" added to your domain which will stop it from working on the internet.

You have a few options at this point. 

1) Reactivate your ABN or ACN information

You may be able to re-apply (https://www.abr.gov.au/business-super-funds-charities/applying-abn) for your existing ABN. Once activated you will no longer have any restrictions on your domain. If you are doing this please let us know and we will temporarily remove the clientHold status for a few weeks while this is processed. 

You can also contact ASIC in the case of an ACN https://asic.gov.au/for-business/cancel-your-business-name/asic-initiated-cancellation-of-business-name/restore-your-business-name/


2) a) For Businesses or Organisations unable to reactive their ABN/ACN

To initiate a Transfer (change of Registrant) or COR process, we need some evidence that the domain name was sold to you in the past.

Here are some examples of documentation we accept as proof of a change of ownership.

A copy of a sales agreement showing that the business was sold; or

A signed letter on company letterhead stating that the domain name was purchased; or

Any valid document or email with a lawyer, prior owner or accountant showing the domain name was sold as part of the sale of a business.

If no documentation is accessible, please get in touch with support@drop.com.au to facilitate an auDA review to resolve this.


2) b) For Sole Traders and Partnerships

You can reactivate your ABN here https://www.abr.gov.au/business-super-funds-charities/applying-abn 

Alternatively, you will be able to initiate a Transfer (change of Registrant) or COR on the domain name to have the license re-registered to your new ABN as long as the sole trader or a partner is a director of the new ABN.

We will accept a copy of a drivers license or passport as proof that the Sole Trader or member of a Partnership is actually a director and is aware of the transfer.


To initiate a Transfer (change of Registrant) or COR login to your account and go to Client Area >> Domains >> Change Ownership (COR) then put your own email address as the "buyer" and your new ABN as the "buyers ABN/ACN or Trademark"


3) Keep in contact with us, we want to work with you on this.

If you are in the process of completing any of the steps above please keep us informed of your progress via email to support@drop.com.au and we will remove the clientHold status on a case by case basis so you can continue to operate while undertaking the necessary steps.


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