Drop auDA and the new "Invalid Entity Type" messages on the ABN lookup.

The Error:
If you receive the error "Invalid Entity Type (Discretionary Investment Trust) is not an allowed entity." and you are confused why, as that ABN used to be allowed and/or is allowed at other registrars.

The Solution:
You need to provide the Australian Company Number (ACN) of the Trustee for the Trust instead.
You can refer to your Trust Deed for that information.

NOTE: If your trustee is not a company , then your Trust is not suitable and you need to talk to a lawyer/accountant to adjust the Trustee on the Deed or you need to use a separate legal entity.

Why is this an issue now and not before?
It has always been a requirement that only a Trustee for a Trust is allowed in the Registrant field, however Registrar were given leniency to assume that the ABN belonged to a Trustee.
auDA has with the new policy roll out, requested that all the Registrars start displaying the Trustee's ACN on initial registrations.
Registrars have all been implementing these change at their own discretion, which is why you may find some have already transitioned while others are still in the process of doing so.

An example:
Whois before:
Domain Name: example[dot]COM[dot]AU
Registrar Name: DROP.com.au Pty Ltd
Registrant: The trustee for the XYZ Trust
Registrant ID: ABN 79123456789
Eligibility Type: Other

Then in the future as the Trust ABN is blocked we will need you to use your Trustee ACN directly instead and it will look like
Domain Name: example[dot]COM[dot]AU
Registrar Name: DROP.com.au Pty Ltd
Registrant ID: ACN 123456789
Eligibility Type: Company


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