Keyword category killer domain '' auction.


Keyword category killer domain '' auction:
The perfect Mother's Day gift for online retailers!

Brisbane, Queensland – 29th April, 2010, an Australian domain registrar and auction provider, today announced their auction now open for the domain names ‘’ (starting price AUD$7,500), and ‘’ (starting price AUD$20,000) as well as more than 50 other premium and domain names.

Auction site has seen some impressive inventory in its expired domain auctions - earlier this year ‘’ was acquired for only $18,011 and ‘’ sold for just $9,211 in 2009. Now they are looking to replicate that success with this, their first major secondary market auction. Until a little over 18 months ago the sale of Australian domains names was effectively prohibited by the au Domain Administrator, auDA. Following a change of auDA policy in July 2008, an emerging market for desirable domains has been created.
Acquiring key domains has developed into an important strategy for all online businesses, but it is not just about brand protection. Domains drive traffic, which then relates to sales for a company’s products or services. The domain ‘’ is the perfect web address for any online retailer looking to own this keyword category killer.

George Pongas, Business Development Manager at commented, “Once you own ‘’, you basically own the direct navigation traffic it generates too. With approximately 18,100 Australian local searches for ‘Mother’s Day’ in March 2010 and a Cost Per Click (CPC) rate on Google circa $1.20, you can quickly see the business case for acquiring this domain name.”

Pongas continues, “After acquisition, the ongoing costs are just $49.95 every two years for the registration licence renewal.  As a long-term investment it makes perfect sense for an e-tailer to add this domain to their portfolio. Once sold, it is unlikely to be listed for sale again for a very long time, if ever.”

Included in the same auction is the domain ‘’, this is considered to be a premium name because of the generic nature and the domain length of just three letters. Domain Broker, Andrew Wright, suggests that generic keyword focused domains are ideal for search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing purposes.
“Generic keyword related domains appear higher in organic search listings and generally receive a higher quality rank when running paid search campaigns,” he explains.

Wright goes on to cite the famous case of Tennis Australia acquiring ‘’ for what was reported as a hefty fee of just less than a six-figure sum. Also referring to Fosters owned ‘’, ING’s ‘’, and National Foods Milk Limited’s domain ‘’, as good examples of corporate brands that understand the value of using generic domain names for online marketing.

The auction is now open at, and ends Thursday May 6th, 2:30PM (AEST). Anyone can watch or participate in the auction with prices dynamically changing on the auction site in real time to make for an entertaining spectacle. Importantly though, you must satisfy auDA eligibility policy to hold a or domain licence. During the sign up process the Drop team will clear you for registration compliance and assist you to participate. So if you are interested in any of the domains, international companies included, contact Drop at, or visit to get started now.


About and Dark Blue Sea
Trading as, Pty Ltd is part of the Dark Blue Sea group of companies., an auDA accredited Australian domain name registrar, provides expired domain and aftermarket auction services to the emerging secondary .au domain marketplace.
Dark Blue Sea is an online advertising intermediary, or “internet traffic” broker, servicing a global customer base from its offices in Brisbane, Australia. Dark Blue Sea’s suite of products includes (ICANN accredited domain name registrar, aftermarket sales and monetization platform), (secondary domain marketplace) and the Domain Distribution Network (registrar to registrar protocol facilitating the sale of premium domains).

You can read the Step By Step Auction Guide at:
Media Contact:
George Pongas
Business Development Manager
Ph: +61 7 3007 0000
Fax: +61 7 3007 0001

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