What is Domain Drop Catching?

auDA (the governing body for .au domains) describes it as:

"When a domain name has expired or has been deleted and someone would like to pick up the name when it becomes available for registration, we recommend that a person or organisation employs the services of a domain drop catcher. A drop catching service allows a person to lodge a pre-application for a domain name before it is due to drop, and then uses a special software program to attempt to "catch" the domain name at the registry as soon as it drops."

Without the necessary knowledge or technology it can be quite difficult for the general public to pick up these names.

Drop.com.au one of the 1st Drop Catch solutions, has been utilising propriatery technology and multiple registrar connections to catch domain names for many end user and domain investor clients for many years.

Top Domains Caught To Date Sold
Hardware.com.au $33,333
Rugs.com.au $22,110
Appliances.com.au $20,888
Wines.com.au $19,000
CarParts.com.au $18,011
Rugs.com.au $22,110