Anti-Spam Policy Pty Ltd ACN 135 424 878 ("") prohibits the use of its domain name registration service, website hosting service and associated services ("Services") in connection with the sending of "Spam".  Where a complaint is received that the Services are being used for the sending of Spam, will fully investigate the complaint and take appropriate action.

What is Spam?

For the purposes of this Policy, "Spam" is defined as an unsolicited electronic message containing advertising, promotional or other material of a commercial nature that is sent to a recipient without first obtaining the recipient's consent, which may be express or inferred from an existing relationship between the parties.

What we require

In order to be eligible to use and to continue to use the Services, you must:

1. not use any of the Services for or in connection with the sending of Spam;

2. comply with this Policy and all applicable laws and regulations in the relevant jurisdictions, including but not limited to the United States CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and the Australian Spam Act 2003.

All messages sent to a recipient using the Services must also:
(a)    clearly and accurately identify the individual or organization who authorised the sending of the message;

(b)    include accurate information about how the recipient can readily contract that individual or organization; and

(c)    include a functional unsubscribe facility.

How to make a complaint

To make a complaint regarding the sending of spam that you reasonably believe involves the use of the Services provided by, please email with the words "SPAM COMPLAINT" in the subject line, together with details of your complaint.

What happens if we receive a complaint?

If we receive a complaint from a third party ("Complainant") alleging that a person is using the Services in connection with the sending of Spam or has failed to comply with the terms of this Policy, will fully investigate the matter.
If determines that the complaint is legitimate and that the Services are potentially being used in connection with the sending of Spam or that the person has otherwise failed to comply with the terms of this Policy, we will contact that person by email, giving them the opportunity to respond to such allegations and/or cease the alleged activity.

In the event that the person does not provide a satisfactory explanation for the alleged activity (or do not respond at all) within five (5) business days of the date the email is sent to them, then may suspend, cancel, transfer or modify that person's domain names registered with (ie. the "Registered Names") pursuant to clause 16 of the Registration Agreement as well as suspend or cancel any of the other Services provided to that person.